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flanges Specifications:
Materials: Forged / Cast Steel / alloy flanges
Types: Welding Neck Flange, Blind Flange, Threaded Flange, Lap joint Flange, Socket Welding Flange, Slip- On Flange, Flat Face Flanges, etc.


Standards: ANSI RF & RTJ: CLASS 150/300/600/1500/2500
Pressure Rating: (PN) 6/10/1625/40/64/10/160
Sizes: 3/8" ~ 24" ( DN10 to DN600 )

Kinds of forging:
a) Free forging
b) Die forging
flanges c) Rolling

Rustproof treatment:
a) Lightly oiled
b) Galvanized
c) Painting with different colors
d) Just keep the flanges dry and clean as per customers' requirement